All prices are based on current list and are subject to change without notice. Shipments are FOB, San Diego. CA. Shipments of goods are made only to accounts in good standing. All claims must be made in writing within 10 days of receipt of shipment. The terms and conditions of this policy cannot be altered or changed orally by any Classique representative or employee. Any modification must be in writing and signed by an authorized officer of Classique Eyewear. Transactions shall be governed and interpreted according to the laws of the state of California.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover accepted. Net 30 Days on approved credit only. Any other special terms are subject to approval by Classique Eyewear Management. All past due balances are subject to a service charge of 1.5% per month (18% APR), but not to exceed the maximum rate permitted by current law. A $40 return check fee will be charged for uncollected, unpaid, or insufficient funds. In the case of default, purchaser agrees to pay all seller’s legal and/or collection costs. Returned merchandise cannot be used as payment towards outstanding balances due. No cash refunds will be issued for credit balances on customer accounts. Credit balances will be available for the purchase of merchandise for a period of six (6) months from the date the return is processed and credit is issued. Frames sold as clearance, closeout or at special discounted pricing will not be accepted for refund, exchange or credit. Sales Tax will be charged in those states requiring the collection of Sales Tax. Exemptions will only be allowed with the submission of a valid resellers exemption permit accepted by the respective state or local taxing authority.

Shipping Services:

Orders received by 12:00 pm PST will be shipped within 24 hours of receipt of order. Unless otherwise specified, all carriers and methods of shipping will be at our discretion. Expedited Shipping requests will incur additional shipping charges in excess of regular carrier Ground Rates.

Frame Warranty:

All frames are under warranty for a maximum period of one year from the date that frame orders are shipped or six months from the date of the frame being dispensed, unless determined by Classique Eyewear management that special circumstances apply beyond the warranty period. Warranty applies ONLY to manufacturing defects, defects in frame construction, frame materials, or frame finishing.

Warranties for manufacturer defect is for a maximum period of up to six months from the date of purchase or frame being dispensed (proof of purchase and or sale may be requested), unless determined by the company that special circumstances apply to such frames beyond six months.

Account is required to note a detailed explanation of the defective issue, defective frame part, or component.

Warranty Disclaimer:

Frames are not warranted against and no credit will be issued for damage caused from normal use, excessive wear, breakage caused from accident, dropping frame, bending, twisting, scratching, mishandling, pet abuse, excessive force, crushing from feet or by vehicle, damage caused from manipulation by optician, doctor, lab technician, due to damage from frame tools, heating, bending, or reshaping.

Classique will inspect all frames returned and if it determines that the frame has been damaged due any of the above factors causing damage to any frame, the frame will NOT be eligible for credit and will be returned to the customer with a note of denial of credit request.

Frames returned and received damaged from being sent loose, not individually wrapped in polybags, causing chipping, scratching, or damage will be denied for credit.

Return Policies:

All frame returns require a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from Classique Eyewear, Inc. customer service department, or authorized sales representative. If authorized by the sales representative, the frames returned must be shipped in a box with a Classique RMA sticker received from the Classique Eyewear sales representative which needs to be completed with the return date, representative's name, and authorized RMA document number. All exchange returns require an RMA generated by the territory sales representative. Classique representatives are NOT authorized to accept returned frames directly from customers. All RMA’s returns a required to be received by Classique within 14 days from issue to be approved for credit. All returned frames are subject to home office acceptance and final approval and authorization for issue of credit.

Frames must be returned in the original condition as they were received from Classique Eyewear, with original demo lenses intact. Returned RMA frames must be free of defects, undamaged, in re-sellable condition, and individually wrapped in clean poly bags with demo lenses intact and free of any markings. No credit will be issued for any frames not returned in the original condition in which they were originally shipped by Classique Eyewear.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA’s) documents must be included in box with returned product and shipped back by traceable carrier.

1. Returns must include the following information: Account name, account number, contact person.

2. Returns from accounts with multiple locations require separate RMA’s each packed in separate boxes.

3. For accounts that have transferred ownership, special return authorization is required and will be at the sole discretion of Classique management.

4. Complete frames information, including model names, colors, color codes, sizes are required on all RMA documents.

5. Copy of original invoice may be requested by the company to provide proof of original purchase for issue of credit.

RMA label must be affixed to the box of returned merchandise. RMA number and rep approval signature is required to be noted on the label.

Current Frames:

All exchange returns require a RMA generated by the territory sales representative.

Current frames returned are eligible for full credit provided that such frames are returned in new original condition.

All returns of current frames will be 2 for 1. The maximum allowed frame return is NOT to exceed 50% of the new frame order. Only where special circumstances apply and specifically approved by Classique management, will returns in excess of 50% be authorized.

In such cases, special management authorization is required to be noted on the RMA.

Phased Out/Discontinued Styles:

Customers will no longer receive credit for phased out frames returned. Phased out frames will be credited at zero dollars ($0)

Classique will replace 1 for 1 of like brand phased out frames with current frame styles.

Current replacement frames will be provided to customer at zero dollars ($0).

Discontinued and phased out product purchased more than 2 years prior are NOT eligible for return or credit.

Failure to comply with return instructions will result in delay of credit being issued or credit denial.

Classique Eyewear will not credit any account that does not provide proof of delivery, an accompanying RMA form and return label affixed to the box. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide proof of delivery within 30 days of the receipt of the returned merchandise.

If any of the above listed procedures are not followed correctly, Classique Eyewear reserves the right to send returned merchandise back to the account with no credit issued. In such case, Classique will include a return denial form with returned merchandise to the customer noting the reason/s for denial of credit.

Classique Eyewear reserves the right to apply the following charges:

• $6.00 per frame not returned without an accompanying case
• $5.00 fee per frame for refurbishing frames, and for replacing missing, or damaged demo lenses
• $10.00 charge for frames requiring excessive cleaning to remove stickers, markings from demo lenses and/or temples. Frames returned with permanent markings, stickers that cannot be removed without leaving stains or residue, and frames requiring excessive cleaning will be returned to the account and credit will be denied.
• A processing fee will apply to receive, inspect, and process all returned merchandise.
• Any Free frames received and returned on an RMA will receive credit at zero (0) dollars.

Promotional frames purchased as close out, blow out, overstock, clearance, grab bag or special value promotions will NOT be accepted for credit. Overheated frames will NOT be accepted for credit. Customized or modified frames in any form will NOT be accepted for credit.

Sunglasses that are not defective must be returned with original sun lenses and cases in re-sellable condition. Any sunglasses returned without lenses or with scratched lenses will be returned to the account.
Parts will only be accepted if they were purchased as such, and with the original accompanying invoice.Repaired or soldered frames will NOT be accepted for credit, unless the repair was performed for a patient while their replacement frame was not available in stock at the time of re-order.

Repaired or soldered frames will NOT be accepted for credit, unless the repair was performed for a patient while their replacement frame was not available in stock at the time of re-order.